Veteado Mt.  

Veteado Mt. near Quemado rises up from a patchwork of private ranchland and therefore is not in my book. Too bad, because the summit is decorated with some nice petroglyphs. These include the finely crafted male and female humans shown below. Interestingly, a near-identical pair of petroglyphs exists on another mountain 12 miles east of Veteado. The two pairs face each other, suggesting they may be related.

Drawings of animals, abstractions, and geometric patterns can also be found at the summit. Pottery, including many black-on-white sherds, are scattered about the lower slopes.

The overall site is "...within the Anasazi/Mogollon tradition," according to scientific literature. Veteado Mt. may have served some ceremonial purpose, but as with just about every petroglyph site, multiple theories have been offered to explain the mysterious artwork.


The male (left) and female

Some black-on-white sherds

Veteado Mt. is taller than it looks in this photo, which
was taken from a couple of miles away. I wouldn't call
the hike "difficult," but it does take a fair amount of
time to trek from the highway to the summit.
If there's a footpath leading up there, I didn't see it.